Azure Advent Calendar

The Azure Advent Calendar YouTube Channel. Here you will find around 75 videos all about Azure. Look out for the next advent for more awesome content.

Sam Cogan

A YouTube Channel from MVP Sam Cogan focussed on learning Azure. Includes the Azure Snippets series, a collection of short, to the point tutorials focussed on working with Azure.

Mark Scholman

A YouTube Channel from MVP Mark Scholman focussed on learning Azure Stack. A collection of short videos working with the Azure Stack Family.


The WikiAzure YouTube channel. Here you’ll find the Azure products & solutions demos, and in-depth technical insights as well as training videos for Microsoft Azure.

Create a vNet with AZ CLI

A YouTube Channel from Michael Levan focussed on DevOps content in Azure. Here you’ll find content ranging from development, containerization, orchestration, infrastructure-as-code, and many more topics!

Sarah Lean

A YouTube Channel from Cloud Advocate Sarah Lean focussing on all things Azure. You’ll find her weekly vlog, short tutorials on Azure as well as full length session recordings.


A YouTube Channel from the Modern Infra Cloud Advocate time at Microsoft. You’ll find information from product groups, interview videos as well as quick informational tip videos.