What is it?

The Festive Tech Calendar is a FREE month long FUN tech event where we look for people from all communities to take part in a fun and engaging session which is a bit different to your normal conference - we really would like to express that its fun. If your in the tech industry and have something fun you’d like to share then submit a session and take part in this years fun event.

Festive Tech Calendar 2023 is to-be-prepared!

While waiting:

checkout 2022 event - https://festivetechcalendar.com/

checkout 2022 videos on our - YouTube playlist

Festive Tech Calendar 2023 Its just around the corner! - #FestiveTechCalendar2023.

When is it?

The Festive Tech Calendar runs throughout the entire month of December, its a FREE community event spanning all communities and we would love to have You take part this year. In previous years everyone who submitted content has been accepted and taken part and we hope to do this each and every year.

During this years event we want to raise some money for some charities - more on that below.

Get Involved - Its Free

The Call for Content will be opening very soon - keep your eyes open for the announcements on twitter and LinkedIn.


We are working behind the scenes thinking about which charities we can try and raise money for during the Festive Tech Calendar. We have always wanted to try to do some good whilst running the event and we would love to try and raise some money foe some good causes. More info coming soon.

Become a Supporter

This year we would love to be able to have some competitions and giveaways, we are calling it a supporter rather than a sponsor as we are looking to see if any companies would like to give some free prizes away and run competitions etc during the Festive Tech Calendar. As a supporter we would be giving you lots of mentions, retweets and shout out’s for being a lovely supporter of our event and the community in general.

Reminder that this event is a free community event.


If you would like to ask any questions or have some ideas for something new / a bit different then please reach out to Richard Hooper or Gregor Suttie