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Pixel Robots

Gregor Suttie - Azure Greg

Gregor Suttie

Thomas Thornton - Blogging all things Microsoft Azure

Thomas Thornton

Sven Malvik - Azure Blog

Thomas Thornton

Joe Carlyle - WedoAzure

Joe Carlyle

Sam Smith - Learning and sharing Azure architecture tips with DevOps

Sam Smith

David O'Brien - Cloud For The Win!

David O’Brien

Dwayne Natwick - The Journey To The Cloud Continues

Dwayne Natwick

Chris Pietschmann - Build5nines.com

Chris Pietschmann

Alan Kinane - Azure Alan

Alan Kinane

Jack Tracey - Cloud and Networking

Jack Tracey

Vaibhav Gujral - Cloud Architect

Vaibhav Gujral

Pete Gallagher - Pete Codes

Pete Gallagher

The Azure Guy - Martyn Coupland

The Azure Guy

Kirk Ryan - A blog about advanced Azure data services

Kirk Ryan

Adil Touati - Azure, DevOps and Kubernetes

Adil Touati

Elan Shudnow - Azure Cloud

Elan Shudnow

Sam Cogan - All things Azure and Cloud

Sam Cogan

Thomas Maurer - Azure Cloud & Datacenter Blog by Microsoft Cloud Advocate

Thomas Maurer

Mark Scholman - Azure & Azure Stack blog

Mark Scholman

Azure Stack Community Blog

AzureStack Blog

Tobias Zimmergren's thoughts on tech

Tobias Zimmergren’s thoughts on tech

Mark Patton - Azure Cloud & DevOps

Mark Patton

Vukašin Terzić - AzureIs.Fun

Vukasin Terzic

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai - Everything is going to be 200 ok

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

WikiAzure - Helping Professionals to increase the skills required to advance your career through Cloud and AI Technologies

Dave Rendon

Hugo Barona - hugobarona.com

Hugo Barona

Create a Docker image in an Azure DevOps Pipeline

Michael Levan


Mert Yeter

Peter Rising - Travelling the world of Microsoft 365

Peter Rising

Coen Adrien van Driel - On Azure Cloud & DevOps

Coen Adrien van Driel

Wim Matthyssen - My Journey With The Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

Wim Matthyssen

Simon Waight - blog.siliconvalve.com

Simon Waight

Sarah Lean - Techielass

Sarah Lean



Sonia Cuff

Sonia Cuff

Exchange Goddes

Exchange Goddess



Lisa at the Edge

Lisa at the Edge

Carole Logan

Carole Logan

April Edwards

April Edwards

Shabaz Darr

Shabaz Darr

Billy York

Billy York

Rick van den Bosch .NET

Rick van den Bosch

Roberth Strand

Roberth Strand

John Lunn

John Lunn

Martin Ehrnst

Martin Ehrnst

Imran Rashid

Imran Rashid

Skylines Academy Blog

Skylines Academy

Antti K. Koskela - breaking and (sometimes) fixing everything Azure or Microsoft 365

Antti K. Koskela

Ross McLachlan - rossinthecloud.com


Karl Cooke - Irish Techie - Thoughts on Azure and the Modern Workplace

Irish Techie

Karel De Winter - Azure Blog - Clouds in my datacenter

Karel De Winter

Sander Rozemuller - all about Azure, WVD, Automation, Monitoring and DevOps

Sander Rozemuller

Cloud and DevOps with James Cook

James Cook

Passionate about Technology

Chris Ayers

John Kilmister - Software Architects Thoughts on Azure C# and Serverless

John Kilmister

Shifting to the Cloud

Charlie Gough

Funky Si's Blog

Simon Foster

Leo Visser - AutoSysOps - Automate the boring work

Leo Visser

Luke Murray - Technical Consultant, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Technologist and a drinker of coffee.

Luke Murray