Community Champion - October 2021

Maria-Anastasia Moustaka Maria-Anastasia Moustaka. - @mariamou_7


Maria-Anastasia Moustaka is passionate about IoT and robotics computer engineer.

She has born in Rhodes island, in Greece, and she always loves technology. She is studying Computer Engineering and Informatics, at the University of Patras. Maria-Anastasia is a software developer in InfoQuest Technologies, in Team Candi. She also gives presentations about IoT, Azure, and robotics, and she has a blog about the same topics, too. Currently, she is studying her diploma thesis, which is also in the field of the IoT, to take her integrated master’s degree.

She has excelled in many robotics competitions, with the Robotics Club of the University of Patras, such us in the BCU TechFest Competition in 2017, in Birmingham, where they won first place in some categories and in Estonia at Robotex, where she was also one of the team representatives.

Finally, she is a Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and in her free time, she teaches robotics to children.

Maria-Anastasia Moustaka Maria-Anastasia Moustaka
Maria-Anastasia Moustaka Maria-Anastasia Moustaka presenting IOT


Maria-Anastasia entered the community in 2015 when she was a freshman, and she used to watch Microsoft Student Partners lectures on her campus, to learn new things about technology.

The next year she joined this community, and she started to give presentations about Microsoft technologies. Then Microsoft Student Partner community rebranded to Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. In 2018 and 2019 she represented her community at MSP Greece Summit 2018 and MSP Greece Summit 2019 and in 2020, Maria-Anastasia was one of two MSPs in Greece and one of thirty MSPs in EMEA that has been selected to attend the 2020 Student Partner Summit at Imagine Cup EMEA Regional Finals in Amsterdam.

In 2020 when the COVID-19 out broke she was giving worldwide presentations at MLSA community, but also at meetups and conferences, and in the same year, she became Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, which is the highest distinction in this community. She also became Digital Leader in MLSA Greece, Coordinator for New Universities, and Mentor for new Members and women in the Greek community.

Some presentations are worth mentioning are her lecture in MLSA Pakistan that gathered 1600 students, her speech at the CodeWeek 2020, her talk to Microsoft Global Learning Connection 2020, and her presentation at Global Azure Greece 2021.

She was in the organizational team of the Summer in Greece Festival by Microsoft Learn Students Ambassadors, where she was also the main presenter of this event.

Maria-Anastasia loves volunteering, and she has been a volunteer in Greek community events, as IT | PRO DEV Connections 2020 and Global Azure Greece 2021.

In the last few years, she is the social media manager at MLSA Greece. Due to this, She has loved social media, and she is very active on LinkedIn and Twitter. She posts on a daily basis about cloud computing. Last but not least, Maria-Anastasia is the brand-new co-host at IoTeaLive Twitch Livestream at AzureishLive channel.

Maria-Anastasia Moustaka Maria-Anastasia Moustaka at the MSP Summit

Other amazing stuff

Maria-Anastasia loves ballet and theater. Due to her creative side is currently preparing her channel on YouTube, in which she will post videos about Azure, IoT, and empowering Women In STEM.

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