Community Champion - October 2020

Marc Duiker Marc Duiker. - @marcduiker


Marc Duiker LOVES serverless, developer communities and creative coding! He works for Xpirit as a Lead Azure Consultant and loves working with event-driven architectures, and serverless technology such as Azure Functions, Durable Functions, Cosmos DB, and various messaging products.

He is an Azure MVP since 2019 and regularly blogs and vlogs about Azure Functions & Durable Functions.


Marc is co-organizer of ServerlessDays Amsterdam (both the Meetup and the conference). About once a month they organize a meetup (all online these days on YouTube and Twitch) where various speakers present their view on serverless.

Next to ServerlessDays he regularly helps as a host or crew-member for various Microsoft technology related conferences such as Virtual Azure Community Days and DUUGFest.

To provide up-to-date information about Azure Functions, Marc created the Azure Functions Updates Twitterbot. This bot monitors dozens of Azure Functions related GitHub repositories and tweets when new releases are available.

Marc Duiker Marc Duiker
Marc Duiker I grew up here.

Other amazing stuff

The creative coding side is shown by the pixel art and retro games Marc makes such as:

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