Community Champion - November 2021

Ru Campbell Ru Campbell - @rucam365


Ru Campbell is a Microsoft Security Solutions Architect and won the Enterprise Mobility MVP award this year for his community contributions in security and infrastructure management.

Starting work in a helpdesk capacity after obtaining a degree in Computer Networking, Ru soon found himself getting deep in Microsoft environments. About a decade ago, he lead the migration of his environment from Lotus Domino and Notes to Exchange Online and Office 365, and has been driving cloud adoption of Microsoft 365 services ever since. Over his career, he’s moving from deeply technical roles, into management roles, and then back into technical specialisms with a move to external consulting. Specifically, Ru now specialises in securing Microsoft platforms and services: from Microsoft 365 Defender, to Endpoint Manager, to Active Directory Domain Services, and all points in between.


You’ll find Ru on Twitter, mostly tweeting and retweeting about - you guessed it - Microsoft security. When not ranting and raving about that, he’ll occasionally do the same about heavy metal.

Elsewhere, Ru is involved as a co-organiser of the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance User Group. This is held monthly and sees two speakers each session share stories and lessons about how to secure Microsoft 365, Azure, and on-prem platforms.

The podcast and YouTube show Cloud Conversations is also hosted by Ru alongside Peter Rising MVP and Kat Greenan. Each Friday, the team invites a new guest from the community to talk tech, life, and career progress.

If you’re interested in technical deep-dives, overviews, and how-tos into deploying and securing Microsoft solutions, also check out Ru’s blogs at Practical 365 , Petri, and his own blog.

Ru Campbell Ru, Pete and Rudy

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