Community Champion - May 2021

Jonah Andersson Jonah Andersson - @cjkodare


Hi to my CloudFamily! This month of May 2021, I am humbled and honored to be a Cloud Champion in our cloud family :)

My name is Jonah Andersson, I am Filipina-Swedish full stack Software Developer/ Software Engineer and Cloud Developer in Sweden.

I studied Computer Science in the Philippines and when I moved to Sweden 10 yrs ago, I studied more programming - Agile System Development in .NET and Java.

As you noticed, I am pretty passionate about tech and learning!

I like solving challenging complex problems, programming back-end and have great interest in developing applications in .NET with new cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure. I like continuous learning, connecting with other developers, learning from others, sharing my technical knowledge at my workplace and by public speaking at virtual tech events.

A few years ago, I used to teach programming to kids in schools on the side of my job as a Software Developer.

I saw the challenges we need to do something about. I myself have experienced the negative effects of gender inequality at the workplace. Therefore, I personally, want to make a difference by advocating gender equality, diversity and inclusion in tech through modern technologies like cloud. I usually volunteer to mentor young women and help them choose a career in tech. We need more female role models to inspire.

Jonah Andersson Jonah Andersson with her Belgian Malinois dog
Jonah Andersson Playing Chess

In my free time, I like training my Belgian Malinois dog, blogging about Azure, gardening, photography, code mini-programming projects and play chess. If any of you reading this like to play chess as well, feel free to message me. I like to develop my chess-playing skills by playing more!

If you want to learn more about me feel free to visit my website and read my inspiring story to tech and software engineering on DEV Community - Inspiring Story of Software Developer Jonah Andersson in Sweden - SheCoded in 2021!


Jonah Andersson Jonah Andersson @ the Virtual Azure Community Day
Jonah Andersson Community Presentations

Just this past year, I have been actively sharing my technical knowledge about Microsoft Azure by speaking at User Groups and Virtual Events. I really like the sense and collaboration of the tech communities I’ve become with so far. So you will find me speaking about Azure, tech, gender diversity or anything about software development. I am a deep thinker programmer - I just don’t like writing code and understanding more logic, but I also like sharing knowledge through writing on my blogs or speaking about what I am passionate about.

Tech and cloud communities like we have these days are great ways to unite, collaborate and join powers through knowledge sharing and I really like that. I am glad to discover such communities that I didn’t know existed.

Jonah Andersson Azure Hero Badges

I am one of the Azure Heroes in Sweden. As of the date of this blog, I have about 24 #AzureHeroes digital badgers like Content Hero, Inclusive Leader and some Kudos and Learner badgers.

In February 2021, I took the initiative to create a local Meetup group called Azure User Group Sundsvall - Sweden because I saw that was missing in my area. Currently, I am organizing events for this group alone but looking forward to expanding it remotely and finding more co-organizers who are also passionate about sharing knowledge about Azure like I do.

Jonah Andersson Azure User Group Sweden

If you are interested in sharing Azure knowledge and speaking, please connect with me and we can organize it. Please feel free to join the Meetup group as well, even if you are not located in Sweden :)

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