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Leo Visser Leo Visser - @AutoSysOps


Leo Visser is a Cloud Consultant working at OGD ICT-diensten and all-round tech fanatic. He started working as a on side IT support and functional application support. Later he moved on to do some PHP development for some back-end services. After those years he went to do some SysOps work for different Teams and eventually became the technical lead for a team which supported several customers including a big NGO in the Netherlands. During this time, he spend a lot of time finetuning and automating processes. Besides that, he also helped on doing cloud transformations for several of these customers where he designed and created several Azure environments based on the customers wishes.

Nowadays in his position as Cloud Consultant Leo helps several companies in improving their cloud adaptions. He helps them with challenges on costs, security, and compliancy. But also works with different development teams to improve their deployment methods and getting the best from the cloud (native) possibilities.

Leo Visser Leo Visser giving lecture to students


Leo really started participating in the international tech community in the later part of 2021. Before that he was mostly participating in the Dutch community where he visited some smaller user groups. In 2020 Leo was asked by a university to give a guest lecture about automation for some students in IT. After that he gave lectures for several groups of students from different universities to give them insights in how to take up automation projects in an enterprise setting.

In 2021 Leo was asked to give a presentation for the Dutch powershell usergroup (DuPSUG). At the end of this talk he also opened up his blog with the first article going deeper into the topic he talked about during this talk. This article was directly picked up by the Azure DevOps blog and got featured there. After that he started publishing blog posts about different challenges he faced during his run as IT professional.

Leo Visser Leo Visser at DuPSUG

And lately Leo is getting more involved with the community with several talking positions in the pipeline. Besides that, Leo is also active on Twitter and other platforms to help people and discuss challenges in the tech space(s). If you want to read his blog or know when and where he will speak next check out his website at

Leo also sometimes volunteers at media art exhibitions or festivals to help them with their IT needs. He helped the gogbot festival multiple times with their IT needs for example.

Other amazing stuff

Leo is also a dance teacher for Balfolk. He travels all over Europe to give workshops and participates in events. So if you ever want to know something about traditional west-european dances which are kept alive in a more modern context feel free to ask or check out his site.

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