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Imran Rashid, from the UK is currently employed as a Solution Architect.

He has worked in IT for over 17 years and enjoys getting involved with anything related to Tech including Microsoft Azure, M365 and VMWare. He promotes and is a big believer in sharing knowledge, whether that is sharing knowledge face to face, documentation or online.

Imran believes that everyone can share their knowledge in many ways to benefit the community.

Imran Rashid Imran


Imran has always had a passion for Tech as far back as he can remember, which led him pursuing his journey and achieving a BSc Honours degree in IT at the University of Leeds. Imran’s passion for sharing knowledge took him down the journey of starting a tech blog in the year 2008 and he has since published over 700 tech related articles from short IT fixes to step-by-step tutorials. He believes that a tech blog is a great way for a techie to hold a repository of their experience, and the feeling of being able to reach and share that knowledge with people from around the World is amazing.

He continues to share his experiences today at his blog

Whilst remaining anonymous, Imran continued sharing his knowledge via his blog and eventually used social media such as twitter to automatically share what he published. Imran became more active within the Tech community towards the end of the year 2019, when he was surprised to discover a great tech community on Twitter.

People who had a massive passion for sharing knowledge and willing to help. He has since been active on Twitter and has met (virtually) hundreds of amazing people from around the world. After discovering a great tech community on Twitter, Imran had a light bulb moment to setup a website with the aim of connecting new and existing users of Microsoft Azure to this great community. The Azure Crazy website would give an insight to readers on how the experts started their Microsoft Azure journey and in turn help promote and grow the Azure community. Initially just an idea which Imran was not sure about pursuing, he reached out to a member of the Tech community, Gregor Suttie, who supported Imran and encouraged Imran to implement the idea.

Imran has also compiled a list of approximately 100 great Azure related blogs at Azure Blogs |

Today, thanks to the tech community, the website has a number of written interviews from Microsoft Azure fans who have shared their experiences including Microsoft employees. The @AzureCrazy twitter account has over 1500 followers.

Imran Rashid

How to Build an Azure Community Imran had a great discussion with Microsoft MVP Mert Yeter on how to build an Azure Community, the importance of sharing knowledge, and how to get started with blogging.

Imran Rashid

Bradford Cloud User Group

Imran is a co-founder of the Bradford Cloud User Group which was launched during the Covid-19 Pandemic with co-founders Shabaz Daar and Mohammed Sajid. The aim of the group is to promote Tech in a town located in the UK named Bradford and assist those beginning their tech journey’s.

Initially camera shy, the group has also given Imran the opportunity to start speaking in public with his web cam switched on!! 😊

Since the groups launch, the user group has held several live sessions with the support of the tech community including sessions on Azure Stack, VMWare in Azure, Microsoft 365, AWS and more! The group also holds monthly podcast sessions and aims to locate and recognise those individuals who have made a difference including giving new speakers a platform to share their knowledge and boost their confidence.

The first Bradford Cloud User Group podcast announcement

Imran Rashid

The BradCug team were invited to the Azureish Live show. Our first interview as a team.

Imran Rashid


Imran enjoys studying to gain new certification and he also uses the opportunity to blog about what he learns. He has recently started to study and document automating workloads into Azure using Terraform, and has also purchased an Azure IOT development kit.

Imran Rashid

Other amazing stuff

Imran enjoys spending time with his family and travelling to new places. He enjoys playing Snooker from time to time (I’m not a professional before anyone asks!)

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Happy to help, so please feel free to reach out.