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May Alhajri May Alhajri - @MayAlhajri2


My Name is May Alhajri and you can call me Agent 008 :)

Living in Saudi Arabia and I’m half Saudi half Syrian, I have been graduated with bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. I started my career in oil and gas industry as IT Onsite support. I have 5 years experiences in different areas. My current position is Digital Analyst within Schlumberger company.

In 2017:

As we know working as IT onsite support is a daily routine and for me it was a fun at the beginning, then I started to search within my company on any platform that’s will help me to communicate with others across different countries within Schlumberger. Then I found my favorite tool “Yammer”, with Yammer I started to share with others my knowledge (IT Onsite Knowledge, videos, posters and more) internally.

In 2018:

I have been assigned to be part of the Office365 migration project within my company, I started to learn more about OneDrive, SharePoint and all Office365 Tools in deep. Then I heard about “Power Bi”, from here my Power Platform journey started.

I learned more about it, and shared whatever I learned internally on Yammer. Sharing my knowledge with others on Yammer helped me to develop myself more and more.

In 2019-2020:

I built my first Dashboard on Power Bi for the KSA Schlumberge Finance department. The idea behind it was to show the status of our invoicing tickets from our clients. It was a challenging task for me because I was not expert with Power Bi, but the Powerful things with all power platform tools is you can learn while you are working on it.

After this project, most of the people they started to call me within my company “Power Bi Lady”! actually this name gave me a confidante on myself to learn more and develop my skills to the next level.

Then I started to learn more about “Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents”. The Secret Sauce to learn any new tool is:

Learn and share with others Ask others if they have any question Do a session on what you learned


I have been promoted to be Digital Analyst within Schlumberger. I worked on several projects and automate several manual processes.

I found myself with Power Platform


I started learning about Power Platform earlier 2019, starting with Power Bi and ending up by Powering up my daily work with Power Platform Tools.

Then I Joined #PowerAddicts community on Dec-2019 and starting learning from the community and sharing my knowledge at the same time.

2020 was really a good opportunity for me to learn more and build my community within my region - Saudi Arabia. I created #SharingIsCaring Meetup group with 0 members and now I have around 490 from different countries within few months.

Sharing my knowledge is my favorite part of my day through all my social media accounts. Therefore, sharing my knowledge is the best way to learn and retain knowledge for myself.

My Community Contributions:

I shared my story within #PowerAddicts Hangout session:-

I shared my story with TechStyler community:-

I shared my story with Jonnychipz show:-

I shared my story with Lisa show:-

Building my community within KSA on Meetup by having around 490 members within few months. Sharing my knowledge, poster, quotes and comics on my twitter, LinkedIn. Creating a video for Power Platform, sharing quick tips and more. Sharing how we can build our App with pretty UI.

Participate on different hackathons: Hack 4 Good MBAS 2020: BusyKid App Hack 4 Good MBAS 2021: The ImagineerHack Power Platform School Hackathon: Inventorify- Invontery Management Tool Sharing my Apps and Power Platform games on TDG Power Platform Community (Power Platform Bank)

Sharing on How we can build a digital escape room by using Power Apps: Global #PowerApps Bootcamp 2021: Let’’s build Digital Escape Room App together Power Apps Community Call - June 2021 Bradford Cloud User Group Power Bi Days Power your Power Apps with Power Bi in Azureish Live

Other amazing stuff

I’m a food vlogger :) -

also, I’m super addicts to Robotics world, I’m working on new show KIDS ROBO -

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