Community Champion - April 2020

Isidora Katanic Isidora Katanic - @IsidoraKatanic


Isidora Katanic is born in former-Yugoslavia, grew up in the Netherlands since the early 90’s and moved to Switzerland in 2017. She is on the Management Board at the Swiss IT firm make it noble and the co-founder of the event management company districtUP, organizing IT community conferences like Experts Live Europe and Experts Live Switzerland. Isidora engages with the Microsoft community and travels around the world to organize and attend conferences to learn, connect and share with others. In 2020 Isidora has been awarded with the #AzureHeroes in the category of Inclusive Leadership, for her inclusive contributions to the (Microsoft) community.


Isidora is the co-organiser of Experts Live Switzerland and Experts live Europe

Isidora Katanic An example of a community activity: hosting the Women in Tech Networking Break at Experts Live Europe 2019
Isidora Katanic Isi has also been awarded one of the very cool Azure Heroes Awards in the category of Inclusive Leader badge (very rare!)
Isidora Katanic Isi runs an online MVP Community Quiz so be sure to take part and keep an eye on twitter for new quizzes.

Other amazing Stuff

Isi has taught computer class to under privileged children in Indonesia and also volunteered at a children with disabilities Orphanage in Vietnam. Please check out Isi's blog and read more on this and find out why she rocks the community and is our April CloudFamily Community Champion.

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